Chinese Horse Paintings

Original Chinese Horse Paintings
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Chinese Horse Paintings
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The horse is a honored animal by the Chinese and a symbol of persistence, swiftness, and intelligence. Many paintings and other Chinese art display the eight horses legendary horses of King Mu from the 10th century BC. The horse symbolizes the yang (male) principle with the cow being the yin (female) principle. The horse is the seventh creature in the Chinese zodiac.

NIne Horses at sunrise Chinese painting.
horse painting
Chinese 100 Horse painting.
Wild Horses at Sunrise
20" x 39"
Artist: Moo Long
Emperor Horse
27" x 54"
Artist: Xu Yun
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100 Horses
37" x 69"
Artist: Wu Fong

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Chinese painting of eight horse running by the great wall of china.
wild chinese horse painting
Powerful Horses Running
26" x 26"
Artist: Jeng Yun
8 Running Horses - Success
21" x 37"
Artist: Tang Ning
Wild Horse
27" x 27"
Artist: Xu Yun
8 Wild Horses
26" x 53"
Artist: Chen Ming
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