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Chang Wei Ming was born in 1937 in Beijing. He graduated from the Tienjing Art Institute in 1963 and has taught painting at the Tienjing Artist Association since 1985. Chang is a member of Chinese Artist Association, the China Decorative Art Association, the China Folk Art Association, and the Tienjing Artist Association. His works have been published in art related magazines across China many times. His works have been selected to exhibit in nationwide art contests and he has won many awards. He paintings have been exhibited in China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. In 2002, his paintings were exhibited in the U.S. Embassy in China.

Born in 1957, Chao Shen Chiao was born and currently lives in Guilin City of the Guangxi Province of China. Chao learned to paint at a very early age and studied at the Guangxi Art Academy. He is a very fine bird and flower painter and is especially well known for his beautiful peony paintings. Under his brush, the beauty of peony has perfectly been presented. His work has been exhibited in China but he has many collectors worldwide. He is a member of Art Institute of Guangxi.
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Chao Shen Chiao

Chen Chun Zhong was born in 1964 in Guilin of the Guangxi Province of China. He graduated from Guangxi Art Academy and is the dean of Li-Chian Art Institute and Vice President of Yang Shou Art Institute. At a early age he excelled in landscape painting and developed his own unique painting style of using bold ink washes to create his bright landscapes. His work has been featured numerous times in China newspapers and television programs and he has won many international awards. In 2001 his painting “Living in the Mountains” won the best award in a regional art competition of professional artists.
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Chen Chun Zhong

Chen Shen Ping was born in 1978 in the Shangdong Province of China. He graduated from the Hwa Chung University where he studied under many accomplished Chinese artists. His bold and colorful landscapes are a blend of traditional and contemporary Chinese painting techniques. His paintings have mainly been exhibited in China where he is considered one of the finer up-and-coming young artists.

Chou Yen Sheng studied at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. He also studied under many famous painters from the Ling-Nan School. Because he was trained in these two distinctive styles of painting, his paintings display both the rich and dense style of Northern China painters and the graceful and delicateness of Southern China painters. Growing up in poverty, Chou Yen Sheng was forced to work in the fields as a child. This experience aroused his inner love of nature. In the 1970’s Chou traveled throughout China refining his painting techniques and receiving advice and instruction from many painting masters and teachers. His paintings have been exhibited in China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan.
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Gao Wengang was born in 1963 in Benxi City, Liao Ning Province. He graduated from the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. Gao Wengang is skilled at painting simple and humorous figures of a pre-1949 China period. His paintings give a feeling of nostalgia, and reflect the colorful life of the ordinary people at the time. His work is full of the flavor of folk customs including subjects of well-born young ladies, dressed dramatically, in the then, modern style. Gao makes full use of the traditional Chinese scatter perspective techniques to express his emotion for the period. His paintings are highly collected throughout China, Hong Kong and other Asian countries. Gao Wengang is a member of Chinese Artists Association.
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Hao Feng has been painting for nearly 50 years. His paintings and calligraphy reflect the melody of nature. Hao's paintings represent traditional Chinese painting but in an innovative form and st lye. His paintings have been exhibited worldwide and he is listed in "A Dictionary of Famous Contemporary Chinese Artists" and other similar artist publications.

Born in 1957 in Hebei Province of China Kao San now lives in Beijing. His work has been displayed in many art exhibitions both in China and abroad and has won many awards for Kao's unique writing style. His has been included into China’s Painting & Calligraphy Text Book and Dictionary of Chinese Artists and Calligraphers. His works were also well reported in the media in more than 50 different countries. A top calligraphy expert said that Mr. Kao’s calligraphy is extraordinary, unique, and special. He is very good in combining the “Shin” and “Tsau” style together in his writing. He can extend, squeeze or take apart or combine the words flawlessly. Viewing his work is like looking at a beautiful painting, you will feel like you are listening to music from heaven.
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Lee Chun Tien was born in Guilin of the Guangxi Province of China in 1976. Growing up in Guilin, deemed one of the most beautiful places on earth, he studied and became on of the top landscape painters in the province and very well known thoughout China. He broadly studied all the old Chinese masters paintings and eventually created his own unique style painting. His works have been exhibited in China and aboard and have been collected worldwide. In 2002 the Chinese government selected him as one of the top 100 young new artists in China.
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Lee Chun Tien

An up-and-coming Chinese landscape artist, Lee Chung Hwa was born in Shanghai in 1962. He graduated from Shanghai University Art School and is a member of the Shanghai and Guilin Art Associations. Lee has exclusively painted landscapes for over 20 years. He paints with unique fine brush strokes and has an elegant painting style. The best way to describe his paintings is "Vivid and once you see one, you feel you are inside the painting." His works have been displayed in many exhibitions in China and he is collected internationally.

Bold colors and dynamic movement dominate the magnificently painted landscapes by the artist Lee Zi Long. Each Lee painting captures a moment of everyday life in China. Lee beautifully paints the phenomenal color found in the sky, the land and the water. His paintings are expressionistic, and some lie on the border between abstraction and realism yet still capture the day-to-day life in China. Lee was born in the Sichuan Province of China in 1958. He is a graduate of the Quanzhou School of art, and is a member of the Sichuan Branch of the Chinese Artist Association. Lee is one of our favorite landscape artists. His painting “Spring Dawn,” was selected and exhibited in the “Protection of World Culture Reserve Exhibition.”
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Lee Zi Long

Li Lu was born in Zhaoqing, Guangdong, People's Republic of China in 1954 and graduated from the Beijing Art College. He currently lives and teaches art in the city of Fuzhou in the Guangdong province. He has participated and won awards in China’s National Art Fair and regional art fairs. His paintings have been exhibited in China, Hong Kong, Japan, and the U.S.
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Liao Lin-Shen was born in 1948 in one of China’s oldest cities, Suzhou. Suzhou also known for centuries as “Heaven on Earth” is in the Jiangsu Province of China. The old beauty of Suzhou inspires much of Liao’s paintings. Liao graduated from the Guilin School of Art in the Guangxi Province and is a member of Chinese Artist Association in Guangxi. His work has been exhibited in the Beijing Art Museum, and has had numerous one-man shows in China, Hong Kong, Macco, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. In 1992 he was the Chairman of the China-Taiwan Art and Culture Exhibition.
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A true master of Chinese brushwork, Lou Dahua was born in 1948 and studied art at the Beijing and Shanghai Universities. He has been engaged in the meticulous brushwork of birds and flowers for several decades and his works form a distinct and vivid art style suiting both refined and popular tastes. His paintings are a rare blend of traditional Chinese and Western painting methods and have been exhibited in China, Japan, Taiwan and other Asian countries, Europe and North America. Each Lou Dahua painting is a one-of-a-kind hand painted original.
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Born in 1931 in the Guangxi province, Ma Dai Zhong learned calligraphy from his father. Dedicating his life to the education of calligraphy, Ma Dai Zhong promotes calligraphy in schools at the elementary though high school levels. Chairman for the Chinese calligraphy research center of Guangxi and the Calligraphy Artists Association, his artwork has been exhibited both nationwide and internationally. He has won over 50 awards for his calligraphy and has been the focus of numerous television broadcasts in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Asian countries. A master in a variety of different styles of calligraphy, Ma Dai Zhong says "Being a great calligrapher is a gift one is born with but the gift can only been seen with continual practice". Ma Dai Zhong's strong and powerful writing strokes can inspire your spirit and looking at his calligraphy is like listening to beautiful music.
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Born in 1932 in Fujain China, Ma Kuang is a rarity in China because he is left handed. Now retired, Ma Kuang taught calligraphy and traditional Chinese art at the Fujian Art School and also worked for the China Art Institute. Specializing in calligraphy, he has exhibited and won awards in the nation wide art exhibition of China. Ma Kuang’s impulsive calligraphy style combines both strength and elegance and has been the focus of many television broadcasts throughout China. Ma Kuang’s calligraphy is collected by culture centers throughout Asia and by private collectors. His calligraphy works have been successfully auction by Christies.
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Mou Kao Being was born in 1969 in Guilin and is a member of the Chinese Artists Association. Mou learned to paint at a very early age and is self taught although he has gained much insight and experience working with accomplished Guilin Chinese artists. His painting style is very unique and elegant and he uses very bold line drawing techniques. He has been selected to exhibit in the China Nationwide Art Exhibition four times and won the top award in his category twice. His paintings are highly collectible.
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Mou Kao Bing

An exceptional artist, Shi Yun-Xiang graduated from the China Academy of Arts and is the deputy director of the Emeishan Painting Academy in Sichuan. He was born in Chengdu Sichuan Province in 1956 and from an early age learned the principles of Chinese painting from his father. He studied calligraphy under the famous artist Yu Xing-Gong and painting under the guidance of many famous Chinese painters such as Zhao Wen-Yu, Huang Chun-Yao, Zhao Wan-Bi, and Cen Xie-gong. His is listed in the Who’s Who in Modern Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Guide. His paintings & calligraphy works are collected throughout Asia, Europe & America.
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Tan Wei Chung was born in 1954. He is from the Guangxi Province of China and studied art at the Shanghai University. He is a member of the Guangxi Artist Association and his art has been featured on China national television. He has won numerous awards and over the years had hundreds of paintings featured in magazines and newspapers. He is a very talented artist and his landscapes that combine both traditional Chinese painting techniques and western painting techniques are highly collectible.
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Tang Jeng Ping is from the Sichuan Province of China and studied art at the Guilin Art School. He studied and learned painting techniques from the famous artist Ho Shan Lin. Tang's paintings are fresh as his strokes are very crisp. His paintings are vivid with color yet elegant in feeling. In 2005 Tang was selected to exhibit his paintings at the 6th Anniversary of Art Exhibition in Guilin. He is a member of both the Sichuan and Guilin Artist Association. Tang is a young and talented artist and we highly recommend his work.
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Tang Jeng Ping

Tang San was born in S. China in 1963. From an early age Tang had a strong interest in traditional Chinese calligraphy, painting, and the repair and restoration of antique Chinese paintings on both silk and paper. While in China and under the guidance of very accomplished artists, Tang studied and learned the calligraphy and painting styles of the old Chinese masters. After years of broad research of these styles he has developed his own unique style of painting and calligraphy and the combining both forms. His works have won many awards and have been exhibited in China, Japan, and most recently in a one man show sponsored by the Taiwan government in Spring 2005.
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Born in 1964 in Sichuan province of China Wang Shiao Long was taught painting by his father who is an accomplished artist himself. He also studied painting for many years at the Academy of Painting in Sichuan China. Wang’s fish paintings are among the best of all the Sichuan artists and he has won many local and international awards. His paintings have been exhibited and collected in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and Australia. Chen is a member of the Art Gallery Society of West China.
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One of our new and up-and-coming artists, Wang Shiao Pong was born in the Guangxi Province of China. He graduated from and teaches art at the Guangxi Art College. He furthered his studies at the China Central Academy of Fine Art and is a member of the Chinese Artist Association. His reputation in China is growing and his artworks are considered to have a very good potential for future appreciation. His past exhibits include showings in Taipei, the Guangzhou Art Exhibition, The Great Wall Memorial Hall Art Exhibition, and at the Guangxi Art Exhibition. He has also written two successful how-to books about drawing the human figure and drawing human anatomy.
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Wu Zhang Yen was born in the famous Chinese city of Suzhou in 1952. Born into a family of artists, the Wu family is famous in Suzhou for their artistic achievements and famous painters. Wu Zhang Yen graduated from the Art School of Suzhou in 1984 and is a member of Artist Association of Jiangsu Province, the Artists Association and Bird and Flower Association of Suzhou. Specializing in painting bird and flower and landscapes, Wu combines both traditional and modern styles in his paintings. His works had been exhibited in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan. He has won many awards in nationwide exhibitions.
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Xu Yun was born in Pingdingshan City of the Henan Province in 1963. He graduated from the Chinese Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Art under the instruction of Prof. Jia Haoyi, Prof. Yao Youdun, and Prof. Jia Youfu. Xu Yun mixes both Chinese and Western style painting techniques along with images inspired from the Tang Dynasty to create his unique paintings. His works are collected by the China Art Gallery and by collectors in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Xu Yun is a member of the Chinese Artists Association. His numerous awards include the First Prize for his painting “Heavens Steeds” at the Chinese Youth Painting Exhibition and the Gold Award at the 1st Annual International Water-Ink Painting Exhibition in China.
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Xu Yun

Yang Rong Chen is one of the most versatile painters we work with and one of the few Chinese artists that can paint bird and flower, landscape, and figures exceptionally. His bamboo paintings are some of the finest available. Yang Rong Chen was born in 1972 in Fujian Province of China. He graduated from the Fujian Art Academy and is currently a senior artist and art news reporter for Eastern Art News Group. In 1999 his paintings were included in the “International Modern Chinese Paintings” publication. In 2000 his landscape painting “Red Fall” won the best award in the "International Modern Art Exhibition” and was purchased by the Korean International Artist Association. In 2001 one of his paintings won the best award in the China-Taiwan Art Exchange Exhibition. In 2001 he won the best of show at the Chinese-Korean Paintings Exhibition. In 2003 he had a one man exhibition in Macao.

Yang Zi Ann was born in Nanjing City in 1957. He learned painting at a very young age from his father and over the last 40 years has developed a unique contemporary painting style that is quite different from any other Chinese artist we have seen. He’s one of the few artists whose painting style is always evolving. He is one of our favorite landscape artists and is rapidly becoming well known throughout China. His works have been exhibited in China, Japan, and Taiwan.
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Yaw Yen Shen is a very talented young Chinese artist who has received many accolades and awards since he was a child. Born in 1967 in the province of Liaoning, Yaw studied art at Hunan Art Institute and is currently the Director of the Youth Artistic Institute in Hunan. His unique style of painting and calligraphy is easily recognizable. His paintings have been exhibited mainly in China but are now making their way to the U.S.A. and other western countries. We cannot say enough about this highly talented artist. His work is rapidly growing in popularity in mainland China and becoming difficult to acquire.
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