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Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy

For over 10 years we have offered the largest and finest selection of original hand-painted Chinese paintings and calligraphy artworks. Each Chinese painting is one-of-a-kind and hand selected in China from accomplished Chinese artists. Prices start at just $35 so there's something for just about everyone. We ship to most countries. Always free shipping in the U.S.A. for all Chinese brush paintings.

Chinese Painting Galleries
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Free Airmail Shipping and a Certificate of Authenticity Included with Every Chinese Painting

-Hundreds of original Chinese paintings and calligraphy art.
-All paintings are hand painted and one-of-a-kind. No Prints.
-New original Chinese paintings added every month.
-A Certificate of Authenticity is included with each painting.
-Free airmail shipping in the U.S.A.
-Free International airmail shipping for qualified orders.
-14-Day Return Policy
Chinese painting of a landscape
Chinese painting of plum blossoms.
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I got the painting today. It looks spectacular. I compared it to the painting I am replacing (a painting I got at the Bombay Store) and there was not any comparison. The quality of the Cranes of Longevity painting I got was what I would expect at a museum. Thanks. John - New York

I was surprised to find art of this quality online. I am especially impressed by the caliber of the work and the array of subjects provided by the various artists. My piece was superbly packaged and arrived within three days of my purchase. I’m pleased with every aspect of my transaction. Thanks for everything, you're sure to see me again. Jeremy - USA
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Artist Profile: Lee Chung Hwa
chinese landscape landscape painting
Lee is one of our finest Chinese landscape painting artists. Lee studied art in Shanghai. He uses very fine and detailed brush strokes to create his breathtaking Chinese brush paintings. His painting style is unique and elegant. Visit our Lee Chung Hwa Gallery to view his paintings.
Tan Wei Chung Featured Chinese Paintings
Chinese painting by Tan Wei. Chinese Landscape Painting by Tan Wei Chung. Chinese Painting of Mountain Landscape.
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New Calligraphy
by Wen Shen
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Chinese painting of a mountain waterfall.
Mountain Waterfall

Chinese painting of fish and peony.
9 Fish and Peony Flowers

Chinese art painting of Koi Fish by Lou.
Fish and Lotus
Chinese figure painting of a maiden and plum blossoms.
Maiden and Plum Blossom

Chinese calligraphy of Good Fotrune
Good Fortune

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Chinese Painting and Chinese Art News

February 10, 2014

New Chinese Calligraphy by Wen Shen, both ink and oil on canvas, arriving soon.

Over 30 new Chinese paintings added! Lots of new CHEN CHUN ZHONG landscape paintings just added.

We receied a few oil on canvas calligraphy pieces by Wen Shen. This is the first time in over a year that we have received oil calligraphy from Wen.

Chinese oil painting calligraphy Good Fortune.      Chinese oil painting calligraphy Longevity.      Chinese oil painting calligraphy Wealth.

Chinese painting of birds and lotus.

OVER 50 NEW PAINTINGS JUST ADDED!  New colorful Chinese landscape paintings by Chen Chun Zhong just added.

Have you ever wanted to jump into a Chinese painting? Just for fun we created a 3D fly-through of the painting "Mountain Waterfalls" by Li Ming Shr. For best results view in the HD Full Screen mode.


Chinese Painting by Lou Dahua.  Chinese painting by Tang San.

60 NEW CHINESE PAINTINGS ADDED! New paintings by Chen Chun Zhong, Lee Chung Hwa and many other artists.

New Chinese fish oil paintings added.
Hao Feng
Chinese painting gallery added.

New Chinese Fish, Peony and Bamboo paintings added.

Chang Wei Ming landscape painting gallery added.

New Chen Chun Zong China landscape paintings added. As Chen's popularity grows in China, his works are becoming difficult to acquire.

One large 27" Chinese paintings by Tan Wei Chung added. Tan usually only paints 19" so his larger paintings are rare.

New Wen Shen calligraphy added.

New Chinese paintings added to the Landscape, Bird and Flower, and Figure Galleries. New Chen Chun Zhong Landscapes added.

Tang Jeng Ping Galley added to the Featured Artists section. Tang's Chinese paintings are becoming very popular here in the U.S. and abroad. We really like this young Chinese artist.

30 new paintings added. New landscape paintings by Chen Chun Zhong, Lee Zi Long, and Liao Lin Shen added. New Oversized paintings added.

New Chinese landscape paintings by Liao Zhi Fay added. New Cranes and 9 Fish Chinese paintings added.

14 New Lou Dahua Chinese paintings added.

48 NEW Chinese paintings added. New paintings by Lou Dahua, Chen Shen Ping, and other artists. New Chinese waterfall landscape paintings added.

New 15" x 19" Chen Shen Ping landscape paintings added. Chen usually paints only large landscapes so these new paintings are unique in size and very affordable.

New Bamboo and Plum Blossom Paintings added. New large Chinese landscape painting by Chen Chun Zhong just added. This is the first group of new Chen paintings that we have added in over a year.

Around 75 new Chinese paintings will be added to our website within the next few days. Included are new landscapes by Chen Shen Ping, Lee Chung Hwa, and Tan Wei Chung. We will also be adding more plum, bamboo, and other bird and flower paintings.

OVER 200 NEW PAINTINGS Added! New Chinese paintings added to all main galleries. Over 50 new landscapes and over 50 new bird and flower paintings added. New Lee Chung Hwa landscapes added. New Wen Shen calligraphy added.

OVERSIZED CHINESE PAINTING GALLERY ADDED. This gallery includes Chinese paintings over 5 feet (62",150cm).

New decorative calligraphy on hand-made paper added to the Wen Shen gallery. New featured artist galleries for Chen Shen Ping and Wen Shen now open.

12 New Tan Wei Chung Landscapes Added. Tan Wei Chung Gallery

Chinese Scrolls. We are adding some hanging scroll paintings to our inventory. A scroll icon chinese scroll painting is used to identify scrolled paintings.

"Paintings by Subject" galleries updated. Now you can easily view and order Chinese paintings of a certain subject, such as Chinese Bamboo Paintings, from a single page.

chinese art
Oil on canvas Chinese calligraphy paintings by Ren Leu. Ren's oil calligraphy works are museum quality oil on canvas paintings. Select from popular common Chinese characters such as Good Fortune, Wealth, Double Happiness, Love and more. more info

Mounting a Chinese Painting: Cold Mounting vs. Heat Mounting
All of our Chinese ink paintings are cold-mounted by hand. Recently many mounting shops and painting dealers based in China are heat-mounting their paintings. Using direct heat and even indirect heat on any paper will damage the paper's structure over the long-term. Cold-Mounting a Chinese painting takes a dry time of 24-48 hours depending on humidity levels where as the heat-mounting process is instantaneous yet can cause irreversible damage to a painting.

Check out this China travel, art, and Chinese culture web site for lots of informative information about China, its people, China customs and more. We've moved our Chinese Gods Glossary and Free Chinese Music pages to our China travel web site. Also check out our Books About China and the Chinese Written Characters sections.

Questions about our Chinese brush painting art or about Chinese paintings in general? Visit our Chinese Painting info page for lots of general information about Chinese painting such as paper, brush  and ink types, what to expect when purchasing a Chinese painting, displaying your Chinese art, and lots more helpful information about Chinese painting.

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